KIM JONGHYUN Pencil Sketch (HB, 2B and 6B)

Medium: Black and White

Guest Post By – BUSHRASHAH

Behind Story: KIM JONG HYUN a former member of K-pop boy band Shinee. The one who stands by our side for 10 years to entertain us but he was fighting against depression since 2016 he fought hard to beat his inner demons until he lost all hope, they took over him and he decided to suicide as there was no other escape from that depression and the day of 18 December 2017, remarkable singer, composer, and songwriter. We have lost an incredibly talented artist at his very young age (27). He wanted us to tell him that he did well in this life so yes you did well Oppa.

I didn’t want to believe at all but then I saw his funeral when they took him away from us. There was nothing I could do as I lived far away, so to pay my respect and condolence I drew his sketch.


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Written by Asha Carline

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