Want to Learn Pencil Sketching, Here are YouTube Channels for Beginners

Want to learn pencil sketching? Are you a beginner and need some practical demonstration through sketches video?

But first, before that, you have to try your own first before learning techniques from others. The more you do sketching the better you understand and will improve. But required a practice lot. Video can show you and guide you how to do a sketch and its techniques maybe you will learn easy techniques But at the end you have to do your own sketch by your hand.

These are Youtube channels for sketching and paintings as well:

TUTORIAL: How to Draw Hair

Learn To Draw #01 – Sketching Basics + Materials

Speed painting ~ Watercolor Phases of the Moon

How to Draw a Wolf (Narrated)

How to Draw an Ear [HTD video #1]

Here are some quick tips for Beginners

  1. Draw firmly so you can remove and edit change without dought
  2. Keep hand free and easily moving while sketching
  3. First, draw then make further changes with an eraser when required.
  4. Start practice daily basis with some basic sketching
  5. Gradually you have clear vision what you want to draw and can see improvements by own
  6. Get the pattern and techniques on how to sketch/draw
  7. Every artist has different hand art and the different vision. Make your own vision and start
  8. Keep as neat and clean

What do you think?

Written by Asha Carline

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