Quick Sketch of a Dog With Drawing Tablet

Guest Post By – Alex Pedcenko

Guest Post By – Alex Pedcenko

Behind Story – Testing new drawing tablet: Huion H420 USB Art Design Graphics Drawing Tablet.
Quick sketch of a dog’s ‘face’ using the abovementioned small (180 x 112 mm) and a quite cheap drawing tablet (magnetic principle) and AutoCAD SketchBook free software (Win 10). They say it features 2048 pressure levels and 4000 lines per inch resolution.

Never used a drawing tablet before (for drawing anyway) and it takes some time to get used to. The favorite feature so far is that you can comfortably draw light strokes over dark areas, which makes drawing hair in this instance, quite easy.

sketch of dog, drawing tablet, Digital Sketch

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Written by Asha Carline

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